Australasian Music Research was established as a musicological journal with the publication of its first issue in 1997. Founded and edited by Royston Gustavson, it was then a refereed periodical devoted to the study of all aspects of Australasian music and musical life, and the resources for such studies. It intentions were to publish articles on composers and performers; histories of music in particular geographical locations or at particular institutions; reception history; critical catalogues of composers’ works; inventories of manuscript and archival holdings in public collections; editions of primary source material including letters, diaries and autobiographical material; bibliographies; and catalogues of audio-visual material.

From volume nine onwards Australasian Music Research became an occasional monograph series dedicated to outstanding scholarship in the field of Australian studies. The following publications have been numbered as part of the AMR series:

 “Take Me to Spain”: Australian Imaginings of Spain through Music and Dance, by John Whiteoak (AMR 18, 2019)

J.S. Bach in Australia: Studies in Reception and Performance, ed. Denis Collins, Kerry Murphy and Samantha Owens (AMR 17, 2018)

Composing Australia: Nostalgia and National Identity in the Music of Malcolm Williamson, by Carolyn Philpott (AMR 16, 2018)

Tuning the Antipodes: Battles for Performing Pitch in Melbourne, 1850 to the Present, by Simon Purtell (AMR 15, 2016)

Yodelling Boundary Riders: Country Music in Australia since the 1920s, by Toby Martin (AMR 14, 2015)

Collaborative Ethnomusicology: New Approaches to Music Research between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians, ed. Katelyn Barney (AMR 13, 2014)

Italy in Australia’s Musical Landscape, ed. Linda Barwick and Marcello Sorce Keller (AMR 12, 2012)

 “Goodbye ‘til next time”: A Critical Biography of A.E. Floyd (1877–1974), by Ian Burk (AMR 11, 2012)

Up Is Down: A Life of Violinist Jan Sedivka, by Elinor Morrisby (AMR 10, 2008)

Growing Up Making Music: Youth Orchestras in Australia and the World, ed. Margaret Kartomi and Kay Dreyfus (AMR 9, 2007)


The present Editorial Advisory Board for the Australasian Music Research series is:

Linda Barwick, University of Sydney

Brian Diettrich, Victoria University of Wellington

Elliott Gyger, University of Melbourne

Aline Scott-Maxwell, Monash University

Jon Stratton, University of South Australia

Peter Tregear, University of Melbourne